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    Sierra Ferguson

    She's caffeinated, sixteen, and addicted to procedural crime shows. Sierra was first introduced to the law (at a young age) by Donald P. Belisarius's riveting television series "JAG", starring (most cheesily) a six foot four, ex-fighter pilot, named Harm. Since then, she has become an aspiring writer and a member of her high school's Mock Trial program (where she got to try her hand at litigation; defending and prosecuting fictional cases in real courtrooms). In today's world, the name John Locke will conjure more images of the "LOST" island, than the enlightenment's production of the basic rights of man (which inspired parts of the constitution, and arguably much of the basis of our legal system). That is why Sierra is thrilled to be writing for Ask the Judge. Teens need (and deserve) information about the law. "Caf-Pow" or "Starbucks" in hand, Sierra is ready to write about the law and the very real effects that it can have on you.

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    Alyssa Miller

    Alyssa writes a lot of short stories and political opinions, and finds writing about herself to be the most challenging. Her second passion is drawing. She almost always has something drawn in progress or something that she's thinking of drawing later. She has a very open mind, and she won't hesitate to listen to anyone's opinion, even if she disagrees. She has two cats and both enjoy covering Alyssa and her belongings in their fur, so she will apologize for her lack of a lint roller.

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    Mary Schlanger

    Mary is fourteen years old and going into her freshman year of high school. She loves to read and write. She plays trumpet and French horn in her school band (yes, she is a band geek) and her favorite food is egg burritos!

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    Sage Kramer

    Sage lives in a rural town near the Four Corners, where she is on her school's swim team, marching band, and tennis team. Sage's hobbies are watching Potter Puppet Pals and messing around in Walmart at midnight.

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