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    18-year-old invents a “smart gun”

    Kai Kloepfer Smart Tech

    18-year-old, Kai Kloepfer, lives in Colorado. He is a senior at Fairview High School in Boulder. He was 15 when the Aurora theater shooting occurred, killing 12 people. At the time, Kai was in search of an idea for a local science fair.* He started …

    Another senior prank gone awry

    Sequoyah High School senior prank

    Every year we tell you about prom mishaps and questionable senior pranks. We hope you learn from them. This year, we bring you Sequoyah High School in Madisonville, Tennessee. Two groups of seniors decided to prank the school. The first group did some harmless pranks. …

    Should cyberbullying be a crime?

    cyberbullying poster

    In March, 2015, a bill was introduced in the Alabama legislature proposing to make student cyberbullying a crime. Attempts in a few other states have failed to pass the constitutional test as applied to the First Amendment right of free speech. If passed, the law …

  • Take a Stand Against Gun Violence

    Candlelight Vigil

    Sunday, December 14, 2014 marks the second anniversary of the Newtown disaster in Connecticut. You may recall that a lone gunman, 20-year-old Adam Lanza, entered the Sandy Hook Elementary School and proceeded to shoot and kill six adults and 20 six and seven year old …

    Sharp 4th-grader uncovers pencil gaffe

    anti-drug message on pencils

    When ten-year-old Kodi Mosier sharpened his pencil at school, he noticed the anti-drug message printed on it changed considerably. It went from “Too Cool to Do Drugs” to “Cool to Do Drugs.” Further sharpening led to “Do Drugs.” This was not the intent of the …

    Yearbook photos may include weapons

    senior portait with gun

    In view of school shootings and gun violence across the country, this is a twist on the usual high school graduation photo. The school board of Broken Bow Public Schools in Nebraska voted unanimously in October, 2014 to allow seniors to pose for their senior …

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