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    8-year-old girl not girly enough for school

    Sunnie Kahle

    Sunnie Kahle likes her hair short and wears jeans and t-shirts to school. She likes to shoot her BB gun and collects hunting knives. Yes, she’s a tomboy says her grandparents who adopted their 8-year-old great-granddaughter. Sunnie went to Timberlake Christian School in Virginia until recently. Her …

    Is it legal for a school to have a rule about hair length for male athletes and none for girls?

    BasketBall - score

    We have written previously on the subject of school rules concerning hair and thought the issue was settled years ago. However, courts are still faced with challenges by students and their parents when a school disciplines a student for breaking the grooming rules. A. H. was a 17-year-old junior at Greensburg …

    What a “dread”ful story

    Tiana Parker

    We have written many times about dress codes at school. Most elementary, middle and high schools across the country have a dress code. The code is included in the school’s Student Handbook and there are few problems with enforcement once a violation is brought to …

  • Can you get in trouble for cross dressing at school?

    cross dressing

    In recent years, school dress codes have come under attack while students cross dressing at school, girls wearing tuxes and boys wearing dresses to the prom and supporting LGBT rights and causes with shirts and accessories have gained popularity. Whether you can get in trouble for …

    Teen arrested for wearing an NRA T-shirt

    jared marcum gun shirt

    Jared Marcum is 14 and a student at a middle school in West Virginia. His school district has a dress code that prohibits clothing and any accessories that display violence, profanity, discriminatory messages or sexually suggestive phrases. In April, 2013, Jared wore a t-shirt to school …

    Romney T-shirt offends teacher

    Samantha Pawlucy

    It is common for many schools to allow Fridays to be dress-down or casual days where the dress code is relaxed within reason and students are free to wear more comfortable attire. But at Charles Carroll High School in Pennsylvania, sophomore Samantha Pawlucy was reprimanded …

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