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    Tip for teen politicians: Do your homework

    american flag

    This is one admonition you’re used to hearing from your parents and teachers. It also applies if you run for public office whether that be on a local board or for your state legislature. In 2013, seventy years after the Supreme Court decided the issue regarding the …

    Do Supreme Court decisions have an immediate effect on your life?

    Supreme Court Justices 2012

    You may be wondering what this means. If the Supreme Court decides a case and issues a ruling, isn’t that the law of the land from that day on? Were it not for the human factor, that would be true. But since individual judges are …

    Is a C+ worth $1,300,000?

    Megan Thode photo from NPR.org

    Graduate student, Megan Thode, thinks so. In the fall of 2009 Megan was a student at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.  In one of her classes she received a C+ grade which she claims was unfair and affected her future earnings. Megan was taking a fieldwork …

  • Fines for harrassing teachers online

    Cyberbully Text Message

    House Bill 1364 has been introduced into the Indiana Legislature in 2013. If passed, the new law will allow for legal action against students and their parents who go online and harass school employees. Fines up to $1,000.00 are possible. Unlike the law passed in …

    Tennessee attempts to limit talking about homosexuality

    Rainbow Drawing

    A state senator in Tennessee has attempted for six years to get a law passed that would prohibit school teachers from discussing homosexuality.  Referred to as the Don’t Say Gay bill, it has failed each time Senator Stacey Campfield has introduced it. The senator has renamed …

    Teen’s poem about Sandy Hook massacre brings suspension

    courtni webb

    California high school student, Courtni Webb, wrote about her thoughts and feelings following the elementary school massacre in December, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut. The poem she wrote came to the attention of the administration who suspended her indefinitely from the charter school. Part of her poem read “I understand …

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