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    Should states allow schools and teachers to be armed?

    gun violence

    The debate over stricter gun control laws, school safety and whether or not our schools and teachers should be armed has exponentially heated since the tragic Sandy Hook school shooting in December last year. Everyone agrees that the ultimate goal is protection of our children …

    South Dakota arms teachers in K-12

    police car

    In March, 2013, South Dakota became the first state to pass a law that allows teachers and other school employees to carry guns while at work. The law authorizes K-12 school districts, who choose to arm their personnel, to allow a school employee, a hired security officer or a volunteer …

    Can you yell anything you want at a sporting event?

    Free Speech Charles Fettinger (Flickr)

    An article in a recent issue of Upfront* magazine caught our attention about a subject we haven’t covered before. The issue regards your rights at any public event such as a football or basketball game – can you yell anything you like or is there …

  • 7-year-old gets suspended for imaginary weapon

    hand grenade

    Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in December, 2012, teachers and administrators are taking a close look at anything involving weapons on campus. This includes all students regardless of age or grade. Student violence is front and center on the national landscape and with …

    Tip for teen politicians: Do your homework

    american flag

    This is one admonition you’re used to hearing from your parents and teachers. It also applies if you run for public office whether that be on a local board or for your state legislature. In 2013, seventy years after the Supreme Court decided the issue regarding the …

    Do Supreme Court decisions have an immediate effect on your life?

    Supreme Court Justices 2012

    You may be wondering what this means. If the Supreme Court decides a case and issues a ruling, isn’t that the law of the land from that day on? Were it not for the human factor, that would be true. But since individual judges are …

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