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    Tennessee attempts to limit talking about homosexuality

    Rainbow Drawing

    A state senator in Tennessee has attempted for six years to get a law passed that would prohibit school teachers from discussing homosexuality.  Referred to as the Don’t Say Gay bill, it has failed each time Senator Stacey Campfield has introduced it. The senator has renamed …

    Top new laws for teens & parents 2013

    teen sitting

    Every year, hundreds of new laws go into effect across the country. We highlight some of the new laws for teens and parents to know about in 2013. Some of the laws are specifically for teenagers or parents and some are for everyone, but  may …

    California bans “reparative therapy” for LGBT minors


    Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill on September 29, 2012 outlawing nonscientific therapies, including reparative therapy, to overcome homosexuality. The California law goes into effect on January 1, 2013 and is directed at mental health providers. It states that no mental health provider shall provide minors with …

  • Did a kiss or lying about it merit removal from football team?

    Jamie Kuntz

    Jamie Kuntz was an 18- ear-old freshman at North Dakota State College of Sciences. He was a linebacker with a partial football scholarship but wasn’t able to play in the season opener due to a concussion. However, he and his boyfriend were at the game over Labor …

    Yearbook article about being gay is criticized

    Photo by Finntastic (Flickr)

    “In My Element” was the theme for the 2012 yearbook at Lenoir City High School in Tennessee. The book was distributed in April, 2012 to the student body. An article titled “It’s O.K. to be Gay” was included and has been singled out for criticism …

    Newspaper tackles bullying

    Sioux City Journal

    In a rare act of advocacy, the Sioux City Journal dedicated the entire front page of a Sunday issue in April, 2012 to bullying. This was precipitated by the suicide of 14-year-old Kenneth James Weishuhn on April 15, 2012. Kenneth came out to his family …

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