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    Teen pregnancy & teen parent FAQs

    teen mom

    One of our most popular questions on AsktheJudge concerns the legal rights and laws for pregnant teenagers and teen moms and dads. So we’re going to take this opportunity to highlight some of our frequently asked questions about this sensitive and important topic. Does being …

    Does a male inmate have a right to grow a beard?

    shaving brush

    We recognize this is a stretch, but juveniles who are tried and sentenced to prison as adults, are affected by a recent Supreme Court decision. In the case of Holt v. Hobbs, Gregory Holt (also known as Abdul Maalik Muhammad), wanted to grow a half-inch …

    Sharp 4th-grader uncovers pencil gaffe

    anti-drug message on pencils

    When ten-year-old Kodi Mosier sharpened his pencil at school, he noticed the anti-drug message printed on it changed considerably. It went from “Too Cool to Do Drugs” to “Cool to Do Drugs.” Further sharpening led to “Do Drugs.” This was not the intent of the …

  • Avoid the “fire challenge”

    fire challenge

    This new social media stunt is not to be believed. Unfortunately, it’s gone viral on YouTube, Vine and other sites with dire consequences. The fire challenge, it seems, is how long you can endure pain while the stunt is being filmed. Kids are using rubbing alcohol, …

    New Hampshire declares emergency on synthetic drugs

    Smacked potpourri

    In August, 2014, New Hampshire governor Maggie Hassan declared a state of emergency for the synthetic compound referred to as “smacked.” Due to a reported forty-four overdose cases, it was time to crack down on the potpourris sprayed with synthetic chemicals. Fortunately, there were no reported deaths. …

    Alcohol Abuse in Teenagers

    Underage drinking

    This article was written by New York DUI attorney Arkady Bukh from the Bukh Law Firm, 14 Wall St, New York NY 10005, (212) 729-1632.  A small library could be filled with the information about teenagers in the US who consume alcohol. Alcohol is the most frequently …

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