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    Cyberbullying claims two more teen lives

    Audrie Pott

    Once again, we see the abuse that can be unleashed by cruel and irresponsible use of the Internet. We’re also witnessing the behavior of teenagers who engage in illegal and immoral activities, video-record and post their acts online. Such has resulted in several cyberbullying deaths. …

    Fines for harrassing teachers online

    Cyberbully Text Message

    House Bill 1364 has been introduced into the Indiana Legislature in 2013. If passed, the new law will allow for legal action against students and their parents who go online and harass school employees. Fines up to $1,000.00 are possible. Unlike the law passed in …

    Student bullies through Instagram


    Whenever a new technological advance comes on the market or a new app is created, someone will inevitably use it for purposes not intended by the inventor. We’ve seen cases of cyberbullying through Twitter, blogs, and obviously Facebook. Now Instagram, a photo-sharing app, has been …

  • Canadian sentenced for Twitter harassment

    Jean-Francois Champagne

    In 2011, Jean-Francois Champagne used Twitter to harass celebrities, a hockey player and others. The 21-year-old pleaded guilty to criminal harassment and uttering threats. While awaiting sentencing he was ordered off social media and prohibited from contacting his victims. His compliance with the court’s release …

    Canada’s high court protects cyberbullied teen

    Facebook Photo

    A.B. was 15 years old when she discovered that someone had created a fake Facebook page using her profile picture. Her name was also used with a slight change in the spelling. Written on the page were defamatory comments about A.B. and her physical appearance …

    Sexting contributes to teen’s suicide


    When 12-year-old Amanda Todd was in the seventh grade, she and a few friends were playing with a camcorder. They were posting pictures online and Amanda was urged to flash her breasts. She agreed and lifted her shirt for the photo. Then it was posted on Facebook. Nothing came of …

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