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    Canada’s high court protects cyberbullied teen

    Facebook Photo

    A.B. was 15 years old when she discovered that someone had created a fake Facebook page using her profile picture. Her name was also used with a slight change in the spelling. Written on the page were defamatory comments about A.B. and her physical appearance …

    Sexting contributes to teen’s suicide


    When 12-year-old Amanda Todd was in the seventh grade, she and a few friends were playing with a camcorder. They were posting pictures online and Amanda was urged to flash her breasts. She agreed and lifted her shirt for the photo. Then it was posted on Facebook. Nothing came of …

    Ellen Honored During Bullying Prevention Month as AsktheJudge Rock Star

    Ellen DeGeneres

    October, 2012 is designated as National Bullying Prevention Month. Numerous organizations have special events scheduled to promote the message against all forms of bullying – traditional and cyberbullying. Although AsktheJudge.info has recognized exceptional teens doing extraordinary things as our ATJ Rock Stars, we have decided to …

  • “Satan’s representative” wins $4.5 million verdict

    Photo of Armstrong from Shirvell's blog

    Assistant Attorney General, Andrew Shirvell, of Michigan was sued by the University of Michigan student body president, Christopher Armstrong who graduated in 2011. In 2010, Shirvell launched an anti-gay blog to get Armstrong to resign. His website named “Chris Armstrong Watch” was allegedly defamatory and included such …

    North Carolina “torments” the First Amendment

    Cyberbully Text Message

    In what may be the first piece of legislation of its kind in the country, North Carolina passed a law in July, 2012* criminalizing cyberbullying by a student of any school employee. Titled the “School Violence Prevention Act,” the law prohibits online bullying of teachers by …

    Twitter bullies target celebrities

    Charlotte Dawson

    Country western star, LeAnn Rimes, age 30, has been the target of multiple bullies over the past year. When news broke of her relationship with a married man, fans turned on her. Both were married at the time but have since divorced and married each …

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