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    The Supreme Court on cell phones: “Privacy comes at a cost”

    Texting privacy

    On June 25, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court decided two cases regarding cell phones and criminals. Essentially, they recognized the universal use of cell phones and the amount of information contained therein. The Court wrote that cell phones are “such a pervasive and insistent part …

    The Dangers of Over-sharing On Social Media

    social media

    We’ve all seen those posts. Someone ranting on Facebook about their boss, a friend, or even their significant other and they’re holding nothing back. It usually doesn’t take long for the post to accrue a long string of comments all making the situation worse and …

    Selfie leads to arrest of young man

    Selfie Adam Howe (26)

    If you’re careless about your things, you never know where your cell phone will end up or lead to. 26-year-old Adam Howe of California broke into a church in February, 2014. He allegedly took $10,000 worth of property including cash and a computer. He accidentally …

  • Tennessee uses 18-wheelers to catch you texting while driving

    Tennessee Big Rig for texters

    That’s right, big brother in Tennessee is keeping an eye on drivers from the cabs of big rigs. In a recent crackdown on offenders this new approach resulted in many tickets for breaking the state’s prohibition against texting while driving. The trucks were equipped with …

    Text messages used to convict teen driver of manslaughter

    Roberto Salamanca Manslaughter

    Once again we read about text messaging catching up with someone who didn’t think about consequences. In this case, the messages were sent moments before a fatal traffic accident. In  2011, 19 year-old Roberto Salamanca of Flagstaff, Arizona was driving drunk at speeds greater than …

    Texting a friend who is driving may make you liable if an accident happens

    texting girl

    That’s right. An appellate court in New Jersey ruled in August, 2013, that a texter may be held responsible to a third party if a driver is involved in an accident while reading the texter’s message. Shannon Colonna was 17 when she sent a text to her …

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