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    Twitter photo leads to prison sentence for twenty-something

    Kwmaine Davis on Twitter

    Kwmaine Davis was a gang member and convicted felon in Massachusetts. Until a person’s civil rights are restored by court order, a felon is prohibited in most states from possessing a weapon. That includes even holding a gun. Kwmaine must have forgotten about this law. …

    10 Back to School Laws Every Student Should Know

    Back to School

    It’s back to school season, so we’ve compiled a list of laws that every student should know about. We hear from many children and teenagers throughout the year who have either been disciplined at school or are concerned about their rights in the school setting. …

    Unwise selfies lead to deaths

    Oscar Aguilar

    Can a selfie really be harmful? After all, you’re the one taking the picture, so consent isn’t an issue. Of course, if it’s sexting, that’s another matter altogether. A recent incident in Mexico City highlights the dangers of selfies mixed with weapons. Twenty-one year old …

  • A shocking possibility from sexting


    As you know, prosecutors need evidence to go forward with charges against someone. The evidence may be direct eyewitness testimony or circumstantial evidence. Sometimes law enforcement takes samples of hair, urine or blood to test or to do DNA analysis. Photographs are also used for identifying suspects. If …

    Can the police search your phone without a warrant?

    Texting privacy

    The short answer to this question of whether the police can search your cell phone without a warrant is no, they cannot. However, like all constitutional rights, there are exceptions to this general rule. In July of 2014, the United States Supreme Court decided two …

    The Supreme Court on cell phones: “Privacy comes at a cost”

    Texting privacy

    On June 25, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court decided two cases regarding cell phones and criminals. Essentially, they recognized the universal use of cell phones and the amount of information contained therein. The Court wrote that cell phones are “such a pervasive and insistent part …

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