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    Teen Law Website Provides Cutting Edge Forum for Teens and Parents

    Flagstaff, Ariz., Sept. 7, 2010 - AsktheJudge.info (ATJ), an interactive educational resource that provides current information regarding laws, court decisions and national news affecting teens, is now available. The only site of it’s kind, ATJ addresses the complete spectrum of teen legal issues, from family and education to health and Internet law. In addition to providing free information and answers to questions from teens and parents, ATJ also offers direct interaction with other teens as well as juvenile judge and juvenile justice expert, Tom Jacobs.

    “It’s crucial that a person knows his or her rights and responsibilities no matter how young they are,” said Judge Jacobs. “We want people to feel comfortable asking questions and getting information on legal matters of importance to them.”

    AsktheJudge.info provides clear information about such topics as curfew, driving, underage drinking and freedom of expression at school. Teens can ask questions too embarrassing to ask their parents or teachers and too confusing to know where to turn for trustworthy information. The site also addresses Internet law that teens, parents, schools and courts are confronting for the first time. Some of these issues include cyberbullying, sexting and privacy rights on social media sites, emails, blogs and cell phones.

    About AsktheJudge.info and Judge Tom Jacobs

    Based out of Flagstaff, Ariz., AsktheJudge.info provides questions and answers about teen law in an interactive legal forum. The site also covers national news and includes discussion on international issues for educational and comparative law purposes.

    The Website is the creation of former juvenile and family court judge Tom Jacobs. With more than 36 years of juvenile, family and criminal court experience, Judge Jacobs is also the author of several legal books written for lawyers and judges as well as teens, including Teen Cyberbullying Investigated (Free Spirit Publishing 2010), which has been endorsed by Dr. Phil McGraw of the Dr. Phil Show.