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    New York teen flexes her mussels


    Samantha Garvey is a 17-year-old senior at Brentwood High School in New York. She has a 3.9 grade point average, studies Italian and plays the violin.  A special interest in science has resulted in her becoming a semi-finalist in the annual Intel Science Talent search. The competition carries …

    2012’s tragic start with another bullycide


    Amanda Diane Cummings was a sophomore at New Dorp High School in Staten Island, New York. She appeared to be a normal 15 year-old girl with many interests: shopping, Katy Perry, animals and poetry. But what she kept from her family was that she was …

    Check your pockets before leaving the store

    Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

    Have you ever been shopping and left a store with an item in your purse or pocket that you didn’t pay for? What about eating something from the produce or candy aisle? You may not have intended to steal it but just forgot about it …

    (Video) Randolph High School students get it right!

    Love2.D Sharon Pruitt

    We just came across a video created by students at Randolph High School in Massachusetts that we want to share with you.  Titled “You Are Not Only Different, You Are Perfect The Way You Are.” These students are courageous in speaking out when the last thing …

    “Bless you” for sneezing is unacceptable behavior

    Photo by Welivefast (Flickr)

    This story is one for the books. Many kids are taught as young children to say “bless you” or “God bless you” when someone near them sneezes. It is an automatic response for many of us. In turn the person who sneezed responds “thank you” or just …

    Smoking spice fatal to young teen


    Brandon Rice lived with his family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was a normal eighth-grade teen who liked his computer, roller coasters and baseball. In June, 2011 he thought he was smoking marijuana but it was fake or synthetic marijuana commonly called K2 or Spice. He got …

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