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    18-year-old invents a “smart gun”

    Kai Kloepfer Smart Tech

    18-year-old, Kai Kloepfer, lives in Colorado. He is a senior at Fairview High School in Boulder. He was 15 when the Aurora theater shooting occurred, killing 12 people. At the time, Kai was in search of an idea for a local science fair.* He started …

    8th grader’s Facebook rant against teacher is “protected speech”

    Digital disobedience and free speech

    That’s right – a federal district court judge in Oregon called Braeden Burge’s off-campus posts an attempt to elicit a response from his friends, not a serious threat against the teacher. Braeden, an eighth-grader at Colton Middle School in Oregon, was upset at receiving a …

    Another senior prank gone awry

    Sequoyah High School senior prank

    Every year we tell you about prom mishaps and questionable senior pranks. We hope you learn from them. This year, we bring you Sequoyah High School in Madisonville, Tennessee. Two groups of seniors decided to prank the school. The first group did some harmless pranks. …

    Freedom of the press for North Dakota students

    typewriter freedom of press

    Do  students have a right to free speech at school when writing for the school newspaper, yearbook or theater productions? Or can administrators censor the content of their articles? In April, 2015, North Dakota joined a small number of states that have reinforced students’ right …

    Is street begging a crime?


    The issue about panhandling or begging in public has been debated in recent years by city councils and state legislatures. Some laws have been found unconstitutional while others remain in place. In April, 2015, for example, Arizona passed a law making “aggressive begging” a misdemeanor. …

    Namaste: Court rules yoga classes in public schools do not violate freedom of religion


    For many in this country, the practice of yoga is an entirely secular (non-religious) experience undertaken for reasons such as increasing physical flexibility, decreasing pain, and reducing stress.  For others, the practice of yoga is a religious ritual, undertaken for spiritual purposes. Some public schools offer …

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