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    Yearbook photos may include weapons

    senior portait with gun

    In view of school shootings and gun violence across the country, this is a twist on the usual high school graduation photo. The school board of Broken Bow Public Schools in Nebraska voted unanimously in October, 2014 to allow seniors to pose for their senior …

    Caitlin’s post-its address bullying

    Positive Post-It Day

    Early in the school year of 2014-2015, Caitlin Prater-Haacke of Alberta, Canada, was bullied by an unknown classmate. He or she broke into the sixteen-year-old’s locker at school and left a hateful message on her i-Pad and posted it to Facebook. Caitlin decided to do …

    The “f-word” leads to four days in jail

    F bomb

    That’s right, and they were said in a court building. 23-year-old, Valerie Perez, was in court in Illinois for a speeding ticket. After waiting most of the morning for her case to be called, the judge took a break. Perez was over heard in the …

    What is unlawful “symbol” burning?

    Eric Minerault

    Eric Minerault of Prescott, Arizona recently found out what this crime is. In August, 2014, the 22-year-old was arrested and booked into jail. Standing on the steps of a mission, Eric burned and then urinated on a Bible. The wet Bible was next to Eric …

    An exceptional act of kindness by teens

    Charlie Vacca children

    You may have heard about this tragedy that occurred in August, 2014 in Arizona. But you may not have heard the rest of the story. A 9-year-old New Jersey girl was at a gun range with her parents. She was being taught by a 39-year-old …

    Twitter photo leads to prison sentence for twenty-something

    Kwmaine Davis on Twitter

    Kwmaine Davis was a gang member and convicted felon in Massachusetts. Until a person’s civil rights are restored by court order, a felon is prohibited in most states from possessing a weapon. That includes even holding a gun. Kwmaine must have forgotten about this law. …

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