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    Namaste: Court rules yoga classes in public schools do not violate freedom of religion


    For many in this country, the practice of yoga is an entirely secular (non-religious) experience undertaken for reasons such as increasing physical flexibility, decreasing pain, and reducing stress.  For others, the practice of yoga is a religious ritual, undertaken for spiritual purposes. Some public schools offer …

    “Dabbing” article censored in Virginia high school


    SaraRose Martin is the co-editor of The Falconer, the student newspaper at Fauquier High School in Virginia. In March, 2015, she was told by her principal that an article she wrote about dabbing was not suitable for printing in the school’s paper. She appealed the …

    Is there a free speech right to a confederate flag license plate?

    confederate flag

    Once you get your driver’s license and eventually your own car, do you plan to request a special license plate with your own message? Often referred to as “vanity plates,” many states offer these for a small annual fee. You may be able to spell …

    Should cyberbullying be a crime?

    cyberbullying poster

    In March, 2015, a bill was introduced in the Alabama legislature proposing to make student cyberbullying a crime. Attempts in a few other states have failed to pass the constitutional test as applied to the First Amendment right of free speech. If passed, the law …

    Can you sue your parents?

    Billy Unger

    The star of the Disney show Lab Rats, Billy Unger, is doing just that. In March 2015, he filed a civil lawsuit against his father/manager for mishandling his own earnings from the show (nearly a whopping $400k for the year). Although 19-year-old Billy is no …

    “Gray Mountain” and “Defending Jacob”

    Defending Jacob William Landay

    For those of you interested in great storytelling, solving a mystery and the criminal justice system, consider reading either or both of the following books:  Defending Jacob by William Landay, and Gray Mountain by John Grisham. Both books are fiction but stem from small town …

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