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    LGBT discrimination in the workplace

    LGBT rights

    On July 1, 2014, President Obama announced at a LGBT Pride Reception at the White House that he would be issuing an executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating against employees on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Such a law has …

    Teen turns graffiti bullying into positive message

    Carleigh O'Connell

    Carleigh O’Connell of New Jersey heard from friends at school that someone spray-painted “Carleigh’s ass” across a cement barrier at a nearby beach. Instead of getting upset about it, she turned it around for other bullying victims to learn from. Carleigh found the graffiti and posed …

    Cyberbullying victims are not just teenagers

    Charlotte Dawson Australia

    In 2012, Australian media star and model, Charlotte Dawson, became the target of a Twitter tirade due to her support of anti-bullying efforts. Some social media users wrote comments such as: ‘please hang yourself promptly’ and ‘neck yourself you filthy s***.’  The persistent bullying led to …

    The Supreme Court on cell phones: “Privacy comes at a cost”

    Texting privacy

    On June 25, 2014, the U.S. Supreme Court decided two cases regarding cell phones and criminals. Essentially, they recognized the universal use of cell phones and the amount of information contained therein. The Court wrote that cell phones are “such a pervasive and insistent part …

    Jokes about weapons aren’t funny

    Nicholas Goettl

    An 18-year-old Arizona student tweeted a message regarding his senior prank. Nicholas Goettl from Boulder Creek High School wrote, “For my senior prank I’m going to bring an AR15 to school and kill everyone.” How do you think this went over? Nicholas was interviewed by …

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