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    A sarcastic two-word tweet backfires on student

    Reid Sagehorn Tweet

    Reid Sagehorn was an honor roll student and a football and basketball co-captain at Rogers High School in Minnesota. The 17-year-old senior became aware of a rumor about him kissing one of the gym teachers at school. The post asked if Reid had “made out” …

    Teen – parent agreement about the Internet

    Computer Drawing

    Because of the continuing abuse of technology by way of cyberbullying, we offer below an Agreement for parents, children and teenagers to review. It is from a research website that promotes cybersafety.  www.cyberbullying.us offers current statistics about bullying, both traditional and cyber, sexting and other behaviors.  …

    Teen prank turns deadly

    Adrian Broadway

    Pranks and initiations are part of every high school student’s experience. Most are safe and innocent events meant for fun and testing one’s ability to get along with others. For example, senior pranks are expected in many high schools and rarely cross the line of civility or …

    Bullying of 11-year-old leads to suicide attempt

    Michael Morones Age 11

    Michael Morones was called gay and teased and bullied mercilessly at school. Why? All because he liked a cartoon show thought to be for girls only. Little did the bullies know that boys and men (called Bronies) were also fans of “My Little Pony.” The message …

    Inspirational video: bullied kid is a phenomenal dancer

    stupid name-calling

    We frequently discuss stories, court cases, etc. about various aspects of bullying and cyberbullying. Unfortunately, many of these stories are often sad and sometimes tragic which is why it’s so important to highlight the positive things going on in the fight against bullying. The following …

    Are parents legally required to support a teenager who moves out at 18?

    Rachel Canning (Facebook)

    This is an issue before a New Jersey court. In October, 2013, 18-year-old Rachel Canning moved from her home to a friend’s home. Rachel is a senior in high school and is a cheerleader, on the honor roll and plays lacrosse. However, not all is as …

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