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    Today is Constitution Day

    Constitutional Convention

    That’s right. Two hundred twenty-seven years ago a small group of men gathered in Philadelphia to sign a document that has withstood the test of time. The U.S. Constitution and its 27 Amendments remain the governing ideals of our democracy. These documents affect all of …

    Avoid the “fire challenge”

    fire challenge

    This new social media stunt is not to be believed. Unfortunately, it’s gone viral on YouTube, Vine and other sites with dire consequences. The fire challenge, it seems, is how long you can endure pain while the stunt is being filmed. Kids are using rubbing alcohol, …

    Public defenders fired over hate speech on Facebook

    Facebook burnout

    Once again, we see another incident of careless speech but this time it’s not by teenagers. Adults are just as capable of offensive and irresponsible communication. Two assistant public defenders in Florida were fired in July, 2014 for hate speech posted on Facebook about Palestinians. Their …

    New Hampshire declares emergency on synthetic drugs

    Smacked potpourri

    In August, 2014, New Hampshire governor Maggie Hassan declared a state of emergency for the synthetic compound referred to as “smacked.” Due to a reported forty-four overdose cases, it was time to crack down on the potpourris sprayed with synthetic chemicals. Fortunately, there were no reported deaths. …

    10 Back to School Laws Every Student Should Know

    Back to School

    It’s back to school season, so we’ve compiled a list of laws that every student should know about. We hear from many children and teenagers throughout the year who have either been disciplined at school or are concerned about their rights in the school setting. …

    Unwise selfie leads to death

    Oscar Aguilar

    Can a selfie really be harmful? After all, you’re the one taking the picture, so consent isn’t an issue. Of course, if it’s sexting, that’s another matter altogether. A recent incident in Mexico City highlights the dangers of selfies mixed with weapons. Twenty-one year old …

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