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    Teens Speak Up

    “The Door That Lies Before You” by Jessica (age 17)


    , The door that lies before you Offers opportunity, hope, and a prosperous future The door does not promise anything, Only you can ensure your own destiny The door that stands before you is a decision, Symbolic to your future and past What has happened? …

    “Terrible Silence” by Cody (age 13)


      Terrible Silence    Walk outside.    Not a voice in the sky. I walk to the mall. And no one in the hall. A terrible silence. No one for violence. Gun stores are empty. No one to protect me. Help me, Help me, Help me, …

    “Scales of Justice” by Avery (age 17)

    What follows is part of Avery Doninger’s college entrance essay written in 2007 at age 17. It speaks for itself. Scales of Justice Frustrated over scheduling snags and short-notice cancellation of a school event (Jamfest), I went home and posted a blog on an obscure Live …

    “We Broke the Law” by Alex (age 14)


      Who broke the law, we broke the law i got locked up for hitting my brother in the jaw i got caught with cocaine and a gun now im locked up and i cant see the sun, now im in jail it aint much fun                                                                              im tired …

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