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    You and Your Job

    What does affirmative action mean?


    In an effort to compensate for past offenses against African Americans regarding slavery and racial discrimination, the United States coined the term “affirmative action” to help eliminate discrimination and create diversity in education, government and in business.  Affirmative action is intended to promote equal opportunity. President John F. Kennedy used the phrase in …

    Can I use my employer’s computer? (Computer Fraud Abuse Act)

    Photo by Sharon Pruitt

    The answer seems obvious, doesn’t it? Of course you can’t get on your employer’s computer unless you have his or her permission. That seems to be common sense. But how much access do you have even if you’re permitted to log on for work purposes? …

    What if I’m bullied at work?


    Bullying of any type should be discussed with your parents or guardian. If it comes from a co-worker, report it to your supervisor as well. Being bullied at work could involve a boss, co-worker or in some circumstances, even a customer. Legal action has been …

    What if you’re sexually harassed at work?


    Sexual harassment is defined as any unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature. Since it involves treating someone differently because of his or her gender, it’s discrimination and is against the law. Harassment can happen …

    Can my boss snoop through my text messages?


     Regardless of your age, the law recognizes that you have a reasonable expectation of privacy at work.  For example, your boss can’t search your purse or your wallet unless it’s a condition of employment that you’ve agreed to  when hired. Your employer may have company rules or …

    Can I start my own business?


    The general answer is yes. Because many employers won′t hire anyone younger than fifteen or sixteen, entrepreneurial teens have found that starting a business is a great way to join the workforce and earn money. Before starting a business, research the laws in your state …

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