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    You and the Internet

    Can the police search your phone without a warrant?

    Texting privacy

    The short answer to this question of whether the police can search your cell phone without a warrant is no, they cannot. However, like all constitutional rights, there are exceptions to this general rule. In July of 2014, the United States Supreme Court decided two …

    Can I use my employer’s computer? (Computer Fraud Abuse Act)

    Photo by Sharon Pruitt

    The answer seems obvious, doesn’t it? Of course you can’t get on your employer’s computer unless you have his or her permission. That seems to be common sense. But how much access do you have even if you’re permitted to log on for work purposes? …

    Can your parents sue if you’re cyberbullied?

    J_O_I_D (Flickr)

    At first you would think “of course they can.”  Just like they can if you were assaulted by someone or if you received negligent medical care. But in cyberspace, where the law is struggling to catch up with technology, there is no clear answer to …

    Is file sharing and downloading music illegal?

    Photo by Carolyn Williams

    File sharing is the practice of providing access to digitally stored information including music, movies, games, computer programs, ebooks and documents. File sharing is not necessarily illegal. When people share non-copyrighted content or materials with the owner or creator’s permission, then it’s a legal and safe practice of …

    What is Cyberbullying?


    Traditional schoolyard bullying has escalated to hiding behind a computer and posting cruel or hurtful photos and messages. Simply put, cyberbullying is bullying someone either online or by cell phone.  Face-to-face harassment at school continues 24/7 in cyberspace where the effects are long-lasting and often tragic. Cyberbullying has become a global problem …

    Is cyberbullying against the law?

    Photo by Judit Klein

    Gone are the days when bullying at school meant a shove in the hall or insult yelled across the classroom. Bullying has gone digital with devastating consequences in some cases, including suicide. The time has come for the nation to take a stand against cyberbullying. …

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