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    What to know when reporting child abuse against your parents

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    Abuse can take several forms – physical, emotional, verbal and sexual. Neglect is another form of abuse where certain needs of a child or minor are not being met. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine when a case of abuse or neglect is occurring. …

    Can teens buy the morning-after pill?

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    A decision was made in December, 2011 by the Secretary of Health and Human Services to prohibit over the counter sales of Plan B (aka the morning-after pill) to teens younger than 17 years old. In other words, the pill will be kept behind pharmacy …

    Is salvia legal?

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    Although the federal government has not made salvia a controlled substance at this time and therefore, it remains legal within federal law, more than 20 states have banned it or limited its use. For example, in California it’s illegal to provide salvia to a minor, …

    Is smoking incense like K2 or Spice legal?


    Synthetic cannabis or marijuana has become a popular item online and in smoke and head shops across the country in recent years.  However, the rising trend of smoking what has been considered “legal weed,” has gotten the attention of state legislatures which are considering the legality of this …

    Is it against the law to sniff glue or paint?

    When fourteen-year-old Randy tried to get high with his friends, he made the headlines: “Teen Dies After Sniffing ScotchGuard.” He lost consciousness while sniffing the fumes of a common household spray. Inhalant abuse causes approximately 100–125 deaths in the U.S. each year.  A 2003 survey …

    What are the possession of marijuana laws for minors?


    Can you be arrested for being high? Legislatures have passed laws against the use, sale, and possession of marijuana.  Because  the “use” of marijuana is illegal, it’s possible to be charged and/or arrested in most states for being high without actually possessing any marijuana or …

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