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    Should kids be allowed to sue their parents?


    Family and parent-child relationships are challenging enough without courts becoming involved to heighten the aggravation and frustration of daily life. However, some state laws allow lawsuits by children against their parents in cases of severe neglect, wrongful death of a parent or sibling or other …

    Can stick figures in a student newspaper be censored?

    The Tattler cartoon

    The Tattler is the student newspaper at Ithaca High School in New York. It is what is classified as a “limited public forum.” A debate on the exact meaning of this phrase has begun since a federal court decision was issued on May 18, 2011. …

    Should driving be linked to school attendance?


    To many young Americans, driving is a rite of passage. States differ as to the earliest you can apply for a driving permit and license. Many have added a new requirement regarding school attendance. Approximately two dozen states have such laws, with others considering similar …

    Military enlistment may be denied to cyber-graduates


    More and more students are earning their high school diplomas from virtual schools. There are cyber programs a student can participate in and complete the state’s high school graduation requirements. The certificate earned is referred to as a “nontraditional diploma.” However, such a diploma may not …

    Will it be 2012 or 2034 for DeQuan Isom?

    The U.S. Constitution requires presidential candidates to be born in the United States, be at least 35 years old and to have lived in the U.S. for 14 years.* But that is not stopping 12- year-old DeQuan Isom from North Carolina from announcing his bid for …

    Student reporter tackles same-sex PDAs at school

    Wichita High School East

    Colin Johnson is a reporter for the Wichita High School East newspaper, The Messenger. He wrote the following article about the displays of affection at his school between same-sex couples. The article, published February 11, 2011, generated hundreds of comments including one from the School District …

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