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    Student Rights at School

    Can you get in trouble for cross dressing at school?

    cross dressing

    In recent years, school dress codes have come under attack while students cross dressing at school, girls wearing tuxes and boys wearing dresses to the prom and supporting LGBT rights and causes with shirts and accessories have gained popularity. Whether you can get in trouble for …

    Is hazing illegal?


    Hazing laws exist in most states to protect students from serious harm, usually physical, and even death as there have been too many tragic outcomes from what may have been intended to be innocent and fun student initiation-type rituals. Knowing what it means to haze, …

    What does affirmative action mean?


    In an effort to compensate for past offenses against African Americans regarding slavery and racial discrimination, the United States coined the term “affirmative action” to help eliminate discrimination and create diversity in education, government and in business.  Affirmative action is intended to promote equal opportunity. President John F. Kennedy used the phrase in …

    Do students have a right to express themselves at school through music & art?

    Photo by Tim Regan

    Are you at liberty in school to sing or write music using any words or phrases?  Does the method of communication give you more leeway in expressing yourself?  Is “music” speech and therefore protected under the First Amendment? Courts have addressed these questions and determined that music, …

    What is Title IX and how does it affect me?

    In 1972, Congress passed the Equal Opportunity in Education Act, popularly referred to as Title IX (sometimes referred to as Title 9).  The intended purpose of the law is to eliminate discrimination on the basis of gender in public and private schools that receive federal …

    Is wearing the confederate flag to school protected as “symbolic speech”?


     The display of the Confederate flag, as shown here, has been the subject of numerous lawsuits. In January, 2009, a federal court ruled against students wearing the Confederate flag at school and agreed with the school district’s ban of this type of symbolic speech.* Three high school …

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