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    Stories from Teens in Trouble

    Teen Court Lessons: Teen Turns Life Around After Shoplifting

    Photo by Agustin Ruiz

    The following article is written by a teen who went through Teen Court for shoplifting. The article demonstrates the lessons she has learned since committing the offense. The writer’s name has been changed for confidentiality reasons and so he/she can remain anonymous. My name is …

    Truth & Wisdom from a Teen Prison Inmate

    Photo by Kevin Collins

    This guest article is written by Micah Neumann. I often sit and dream of where I could be at this moment, had I not taken for granted my freedom. If only I had taken notice of my ability to live with only logical restrictions, things …

    Kids locked up


    This section of Askthejudge.info contains true stories about teens and crime. From ages 9 to 17, they all spent time in custody – either in juvenile detention, the juvenile department of corrections and/or jail or prison. You’ll read here about three young people who broke the law …

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