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    How to get a fair trial by jury with media bias

    Fair Trial

    This essay was written by guest writer Steven Schwartz. The sixth amendment of the United States Constitution says that the accused must be granted the right of a “trial by jury,” a jury comprised of unbiased citizens. However, are we really granting this right to the …

    Do Supreme Court decisions have an immediate effect on your life?

    Supreme Court Justices 2012

    You may be wondering what this means. If the Supreme Court decides a case and issues a ruling, isn’t that the law of the land from that day on? Were it not for the human factor, that would be true. But since individual judges are …

    How one vote can shape a nation and your life*

    Why should you vote? Consider the following real-life story: Thirteen year-old Jackson Tiago was in seventh grade at Ingleside Middle School in California. He was a good student but wasn’t interested in sports or other extracurricular activities. The school required the students to wear uniforms, …

    How to register to vote

    Alan Cleaver (Flickr)

    With the use of the Internet, there is no excuse not to register to vote. It’s a simple few steps that are spelled out on RegistertoVote.org. All you do is click on your state, complete a short online form, print it out and mail it to …

    The Supreme Court has the final word – but is it final?

    Photo by Srqpix (Flickr)

    Based on recent history, the answer is No. As society evolves so does the court. In considering life and death decisions that come before it, the Court is sensitive to current scientific research as well as what’s been called a “national consensus” on these issues. Consider the …

    Your Bill of Rights: Part II

    Photo by Tom Hart

    You have the right to remain outspoken! The right to freedom of religion, the right to convene, the right to protected property, and if you’re arrested, the right to remain silent. You have rights – and that really is awesome, so it is especially important …

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