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    Teen Celebrity Justice

    Can you sue your parents?

    Billy Unger

    The star of the Disney show Lab Rats, Billy Unger, is doing just that. In March 2015, he filed a civil lawsuit against his father/manager for mishandling his own earnings from the show (nearly a whopping $400k for the year). Although 19-year-old Billy is no …

    Don’t be tempted to “sizzurp”

    cough syrup

    Rapper Lil Wayne was hospitalized in March, 2013 following a sizzurp binge. The deadly combination of codeine from cough syrup, soda and promethazine landed him in the intensive care unit for several days. Jolly ranchers are often added to the concoction for sweetness. Drinking sizzurp produces …

    Twitter bullies target celebrities

    Charlotte Dawson

    Country western star, LeAnn Rimes, age 30, has been the target of multiple bullies over the past year. When news broke of her relationship with a married man, fans turned on her. Both were married at the time but have since divorced and married each …

    Why Lindsay Lohan gets away with repeated probation violations


    What is behind the numerous breaks Lindsay Lohan seems to get from the judicial system? Is it her celebrity and wealth? Are judges in California star-struck or blinded by the glare of papparazi surrounding these scofflaws? Not likely. Like everyone else, judges are bound by rules and …

    Teen Celebrity Justice

    Jenelle Evans

    The intent of Teen Celebrity Justice is to follow the legal events of celebrity teens and younger twentysomethings (20 to 21). We will also recognize some of the many teen artists in America and elsewhere. We wish them the very best in their careers and don’t want to see them …

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